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anyone mind tweeting Derek Haas the link to my blog on twitter? like in a causal manner the next time he’s online? it’d be cool if he saw it!

Reblog - 33 notes"Season two was amazing. I’m very impressed, and I can’t wait for the third season."
Reblog - 37 notes"I cried for 25 minutes after watching the season 2 finale"
Reblog - 25 notes"The Severide and Lindsay scene in the finale was very relatable. As a person with experience in emergency care, I had a similar experience. I was at a large event with many people (I was an attendee, not working or on shift), and a woman went into cardiac arrest. There were several people in the crowd who had already attempted CPR in what seemed a correct manner, so I didn’t step in. To this day I still question wether or not the young woman would have lived had I been the one preforming CPR."

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still haven’t been able to watch the season finale, but after I do I will post the confessions :)

what did you all think of the season 2 finale?! send in confessions now!
Reblog - 45 notes"Leslie Shay is a good character not because of the writers, but despite of them, they have no idea what they are doing, Lauren German’s flawless portrayal is what saves the character"
Season 2 finale is tonight! :o
Anonymous : your confessions suck

well 1416 people do like them so…

Reblog - 20 notes"Shafferty was never going to happen"
Reblog - 26 notes"I cried when Boden proposed to Donna"
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Reblog - 38 notes"I’m not sure if I want Dawson to get her firefighters certificate. On one hand I do because she really wants it but I want her to stay with Casey and the other guys at 51"
Reblog - 33 notes"Where did all the Dawson sibling scenes go?"