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omg what do you guys think of the new plot twist?!
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*fans self*
Anonymous : ughhh please go back to your regular posts

I willlllll sorry I’m just too lazy. I would definately go back if PEOPLE SENT PHOTOS/LINKS TO PHOTOS to go along with their confession just a suggestion ;)

Anonymous : What happened to Katie while she was being held? She doesn't look that badly beaten up but she was really freaking out?

They never said it plainly, but Katie was raped. When she is telling Lindsay (I think) what he looked like she says something about how “his hood came off when he was…..”

confession #77

I do not like that Dawson is trying to become a fire fighter. it is so different from her character from season one when she wanted to be a doctor.

Anonymous : Despite my huge crush on Boden, I totally ship him and Donna

confession #76

Anonymous : This show has made me cry so many times.

confession #75

Anonymous : I'm gonna go on anon because I'm on my phone so here I go. I hope that the show makes Casey and Dawson's relationship last instead of ending it after just a few good episodes.

confession #74

Anonymous : I'm rooting sooooo hard for Chief Boden and Diana! He deserves to be happy!

Confession #73

ok since I’ve just been really lazy with these confessions

I’m just gonna post them as they are, messages.
if anyone is sincerely unhappy with this just tell me.

this won’t go on forever it just takes a long time to make them
sorry I’m lacking with posts again….
Anonymous : What do you think of Rafferty? I know that there are people that ship her and Shay, and call it Shafferty.

well I think at first I didn’t like her cause she was being rude to shay but then she kinda got over herself. then she was all sassy to Dawson when she was just trying to help, like there was no need for that. when you’re hurt/dying you want the person closest to you who’s qualified, not just who’s on call or whatever. and I don’t “ship” people on the show haha. I guess the people who I want to be together the most are me and Severide, but idk????

Reblog - 23 notes"I really miss Dawson as a paramedic and on the ambulance with Shay."
Anonymous : I don't think jay on chicago pd had a kid, I'm thinking it was his younger brother maybe?

ya true that makes more sense!